“There are infinite universes,” the man says.

Midnight. Koto and tongue drum and firelight skip away through the trees.

A woman’s voice: “You wish to be somewhere else?”


“How will you get there?” she asks.

“Theta waves sail us one world to another.”

“But this is desire.”

“Not if I’m just visiting.”

She laughs. “Zen bleeds desire from the universe.”

A stick pokes the fire. A mockingbird sings at the sickle moon.

“Nirvana is the nothingness between membranes.”


Theta waves are a type of regular brain wave with a frequency of 4 to 7 Hz. They occur during the drowsy state prior to sleep onset in newborn infants, adolescents, and adults and are most associated with internal focus, relaxation, meditation and attaining a flow state of mind.

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