laughing buddha

Screaming Meditation

Early morning. A scream ricochets through the courtyard. Wheel looks up, alarmed.

Seconds later, another, this one lower pitched.

“Sounds like it’s coming from the great lawn,” says Other.

The two monks run toward the commotion. They reach the field to find Piper and Magpie seated in the wet grass, yelling back and forth at each other. Laughter, as Dingo bounces around them, barking happily.

The students notice the masters. “Good morning,” says Piper.

“You scared us to death. What the heck are you doing?” Wheel replies.


The masters look at each other.

“Meditation is typically…” Other trails off, looks to Wheel. “What’s the word I’m after here?”


“That’s it. Meditation is typically quiet.”

Dingo trots over and sniffs Other’s robe.

“We’re sorry to alarm you, Sensei,” Piper says. “It’s Screaming Meditation. We saw a video about it online.”

“Yeah,” adds Magpie. “It helps release stress.”

“How can you meditate with all that noise?” Wheel asks.

“Sensei,” Piper laughs, “Zen is about stillness, not silence.”

The masters look at each other again.

“Got room for two more?” Wheel asks.

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